Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in The US

Which are the best health insurance companies in US? Answer to this question requires a substantial amount of market research. There are a lot of companies out in the market that sell numerous health insurance plans based on the customer’s needs. So, today we bring to you top 10 health insurance companies in the US.

List Of Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in The US

10. Aetna:

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in The US

Aetna sells 36 Medicare Advantage plans across 30 states, additionally in the District of Columbia. In the year 2020, Aetna launched Prescription drug plans across 264 counties in the country. This medical insurance company sells Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans in all 50 states. Having its presence in almost all states makes it one of the top health insurance providers in the country.

Aetna also serves the private arena. In fact, it is the largest provider of employer-based health insurance. Lower insurance premiums as compared to its competitors makes Aetna a favourable choice for employers as well as individuals.

In November 2018, Aetna became part of CVS Health Company and collaboration between the two have started to emerge. Aetna medical insurance subscribed customers have the luxury to use the CVS facilities.

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